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It was about two months ago, one morning I woke up, my face was blotched, dry and had a burning sensation.  I was terrified because I never had experienced this before.

Being a skin care professional, I knew that something was wrong. Then I started my research.  The stress and anxiety during the pandemic can trigger all the negative components inside the body.  Stress is the skin’s number one enemy.

This is why skin irritation is one of the symptoms, especially wearing a mask for a long time.

Good skin care regime for skin issues is important.  Basic “Skin Survival” for mask wearing is outlined below.

Make sure to always wear a clean mask.  If wearing multiple times, use K95 or KN95. Spray rubbing alcohol inside and let dry after each time.

Before putting on a mask in the morning or beginning of your day (depending on your schedule), these are good tips to follow for skin care:

Cleanse with gentle cleanser in order to avoid skin from drying and irritating.

Apply skin care with niacinamide to help build lipid barrier in the skin and lock in moisture to prevent irritation. This minimizes redness and blotchiness.

After removing mask:

Cleanse with gentle cleanser.

Apply serum or oil base moisturizer for sensitive/rosacea skin.  Spot treatment only for acne.  Avoid harsh ingredients all over your face such as retinoid or AHA.

Another great tip to prevent skin irritation is ICE.  Add water inside a Styrofoam cup and fill water to the top of the cup. Put inside freezer until frozen.  Peel off the ring of top edge of the Styrofoam then rub the ice on your face gently.  You will be amazed how comfortable your skin feels afterwards.

I understand that wearing mask can cause skin irritations.  But wearing mask in public places and indoors can help us fight the COVID-19 pandemic more efficiently.

Let’s work and go through this journey together.

I will be here to answer all your skin care questions or you can reach me at

Remember- Relax, Regenerate, Revitalize. . .

Lily Seed

Lily Seed is the Owner/Spa Director at Revita Medical Esthetics & Spa