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Skin (or also called integumentary system) is the largest organ of the human body which includes hair, nails, capillaries, various glands, and nerve receptors.  Therefore, it is the first defense of our body, and it performs many jobs for the body, such as:

  • Protecting the body from chemical, biological, heat.
  • Helps the body maintain a steady temperature.
  • Holds water and prevents evaporation of water.
  • Helps body convert UV rays into Vitamin D3.
  • Nerve receptors help respond to cold, heat, pain, pressure and other sensations.
  • Secretes sebum oil to lubricate skin to keep skin healthy.
  • Capillaries carrying oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

From the book “Milady’s Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians”, the complex structures of skin contained with one square inch include the following:

  • 65 hairs
  • 9,500,000 cells
  • 95 to 100 sebaceous glands (oil glands)
  • 650 sweat glands
  • 19 yards of blood vessels
  • 78 yards of nerves
  • 78 sensory apparatuses for perceiving heat
  • 19,500 sensory cells at the end of nerve fibers
  • 1,300 nerve endings to register pain
  • 160 to 165 pressure apparatuses for perceiving touch
  • 13 sensory apparatuses for perceiving cold

With all these functions above, our skin constantly transmits and receives information.  If something is amiss, it displays signs of distress.  If our body condition is well, it displays radiance.  Therefore, to keep skin healthy and vibrant all the time, here are some tips to ensure you have healthy looking skin for life:

  1. Cleanse skin twice daily. Even without makeup during the day.
  2. Balance your diet in order to maximize your nutrition.
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and detox internally at the same time.
  4. Keep moving 45 to 60 minutes daily by walking or physically exercising to boost blood and lymphatic flow.
  5. 20 minutes of sunlight every morning to start your day. It can keep you energized all day long.
  1. Keep your cell phone and worries away, give yourself at least 7 hours of deep sleep so your body can repair and rejuvenation when you are sleeping.

Real beauty is not layer after layers of thick foundation or concealer.  The real beauty is vibrant, glowing skin without tones of makeup for confidence.

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Remember- Relax, Regenerate, Revitalize. . .

Lily Seed

Lily Seed is the Owner/Spa Director at Revita Medical Esthetics & Spa